• Commodities Trading

    We trade in a diverse assortment of commodities around the world, buying and selling everything from steel, tea, rice and sugar. In addition to buying and selling, we focus on reallocating physical commodities from where they are abundant to where they are most needed. For stakeholders like farmers, refiners, producers and smelters, location and product quality as well as precise timing are of critical importance. In order to ensure that client needs are met, we leverage the shipping and chartering desk of our shipping company, to move commodities in a way that is reliable, efficient and responsible. We also arrange...

  • Contemporary Middle Eastern Modern Art

    Through investments in a variety of contemporary Middle Eastern art, we are able to strengthen our position by having a stake in valuable and timeless assets. The collection includes a number of masterpieces from well-known Middle Eastern artists (such as Farah Moshiri, Dia Al Azzawi, Monir Farmanfarmaian, Bhjat Sadr, Sohrab Sepehri, Jazeh Tabatabai and Mohamad Ehsaie). The buying and selling process occurs through a private and anonymous procedure between investors and collectors, for a seamless transaction process that maintains the integrity of the art.

  • Heavy Duty Vehicle

    We have a strong presence in the transportation sector, resulting from the trade of heavy-duty trucks and buses. Through investments in commercial trucks, utility vehicles and spare parts, we have developed a strong foundation of experience and relationships in this sector, while at the same time supplying the Middle East region.

  • Oil & Gas

    We have established ourselves in the energy and refining and petrochemicals sectors, through the physical trade of oil and gas within regions in the Middle East. By buying and selling this natural capital and investing across multiple regions, we are able to strengthen our relationships with our trading partners, while ensuring optimal allocation of energy resources.

  • Corporate Gift & Printing

    We offer a one-stop solution for the multi-faceted requirements of corporate gift and printing needs. Through varied experience and a strong network of strategic partnerships, we leverage both in-house capabilities and out-sourced services to complete each order to client satisfaction. Our connections span the globe from Germany, China, India and others, in order to ensure every step in the process meets nothing less than the highest standards. By focusing on time management, high quality and cost efficiencies, we can meet client needs for a wide range of materials: Corporate Gifts Leather goods, hats, towels, luxury corporate gifts, notebooks, bags, pens...

  • Real Estate, Development Property & Facility Management

    By managing our own portfolio of real estate assets, we are realizing our vision of developing a set of properties that are sustainable and ecologically sound. Real Estate We begin the process by buying and selling commercial and residential properties around the world, and focusing on facility management in America and Middle East. Development The next step involves collaborating closely with world-renowned architects in the UAE and other regions in the Middle East and US, to develop eco-friendly properties in both high-end residential and commercial real estate. Facilities Management With each new development, we grow closer to an environmentally sustainable...

  • Shipping

    Our shipping expertise focuses on management within the ship, including supply of crew members and comprehensive ship chartering services. Shipping We offer cargo shipment services from the GCC region to any destination in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We additionally offer freight-forwarding solutions, on the strength of our partnerships with several local and international shipping agencies. We are also able to arrange and coordinate the loading and unloading of project cargo and general cargo. Types of Shipping Management Services -Crew management: We offer services that pertain to all aspects of crew supply (crewing). This includes either the whole or...

  • Asset & Portfolio Management

    Real estate development and management in the US and Middle East is a cornerstone of our company, and by managing our portfolio and all the assets therein, we are able to continually diversify our investments, and focus on developing properties where opportunities exist around the globe.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Our range of expertise extends into the travel and tourism industry, through an online platform of business-to- business services. By wholesaling hotel rooms around the world, and assisting with transportation services, travel insurance and sightseeing tours, we have established strong relationships in the travel industry, while at the same time making the most of our investments in a burgeoning international market.

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